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eHarmonyeHarmony is a well known UK dating site which is regularly advertised on television. They claim that they match people better than any other dating site. To do this they make you complete a comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire at sign up. The questionaire is extremely long (11 sections) but the more honest you are in it, the more likely they will match you up with someone you like.

Due to the time all members spend completing the questionnaire, eHarmony works a little differently from other dating sites. In other dating sites the main way to find someone is by searching through profiles and contacting someone you like the look of. With eHarmony the emphasis is more on matching you up with someone who has the traits you are looking for in a person.


I’m not too keen on their method of helping you find someone. I have read that those who find love through eHarmony are more likely to stay together but it’s difficult to get to that stage. You can’t just browse profiles like normal dating sites and you can’t even view the pictures of those they match you with unless you become a premium member. Being the most expensive dating site in the UK puts a lot of people off from subscribing in the first place so at the very least they should let those who haven’t upgraded yet see how successful their matches are.

Unfortunately, you can’t find your own matches either. So if you decline the matches they set up for you in your area, it may be a while til they find you more.


eHarmony is currently the most expensive dating site in the UK. If you pay a year in advance the average price drops to £9.99 a month however shorter subscriptions don’t offer great value.

  • Monthly Subscription: £34.95 per month
  • 3 Month Subscription: £24.95 per month (Billed in one payment of £74.85)
  • 6 Month Subscription: £14.95 per month (Billed in one payment of £89.70)
  • 12 Month Subscription: £9.95 per month (Billed in one payment of £119.40)


I think the idea of matching people with up is a good one. However, I’m not sure how practical it is in real life. If eHarmony let you browse profiles and find matches yourself then it would be a more complete site. As it stands, you may find their service frustratingly limiting.

Link : eHarmony

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