Finding LoveHello and welcome to Dating Website Reviews. If you have stumbled across this website then no doubt you are interested in finding someone special via a dating website. Our goal is to make that task even easier by reviewing the best dating websites in the UK for you.

If you don’t know much about internet dating then you may be surprised to hear that millions of people across Great Britain use dating websites everyday to meet someone. It’s understandable really as we all live busy lives in the 21st century and it can be hard to make the time to meet someone that you like.

How does Internet Dating work?

So how do dating websites work? Well, the majority of internet dating websites are free to join but require you to pay a fee to use features such as private messaging. Joining will allow you post a profile of yourself so that others can see your picture and read more about you. It will also allow you to view profiles of others.

If you find someone you like you will probably have to sign up as a premium member in order to send that person a message. This is how dating websites make money. However, this business model does make it safer for users of the site as users can complain about harassment and offensive members.

There are some free internet dating websites such as Plenty Of Fish which allow you to contact members for free. Many of these sites are incredibly popular however be aware that free dating sites also attract a lot of offensive members and time wasters too. It’s worth joining up though.

Why should I pay for a dating website?

You may be curious as to why dating websites charge for using important features such as messaging. The answer is simple: moderation. Premium dating websites manually approve all pictures to ensure that no one is uploading offensive images. They also respond to queries quicker, do more to match you up with someone special and

Since free websites don’t make money from it’s members, there is very little moderation. It’s worth noting however that 99% of dating sites use a paid business model rather than a free one.

But is it worth paying for a dating site? Well, the answer to that is different for everyone. The average price of a dating service is £10 and £30 a month (most sites offer large discounts for purchasing 6 months of a year in advance). Is this good value depends on how much you earn, how important finding someone is and how often you are going to use the site i.e. you are not going to get good value from any dating site by logging in once a month.

Which dating website to choose?

With dozens upon dozens of dating websites in the UK alone, it can be daunting deciding what site to join up with.

My personal opinion is that you should sign up with 1 or 2 of the popular dating websites such as Dating Direct and perhaps a niche dating website which focuses on your own situation (e.g. dating for parents, dating for Christians etc). See how much activity you get on each site and if you make contact with someone you like you can decide whether you want to join as a premium member.